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The King of tasty lollipops: Tama Roca Palebola Grande! This creamy, hard Tama Roca paleta may be the treat of a generation! Its tamarind pulp, mixed with salted, hot chili will form the perfect combination for a lollipop! 

Tama Roca Palebola tamarindo Mexican lollipop comes in a rounded shape, perfect and amusing for your children! Its sweet, sour tamarind pulp will release a tasteful smell as soon as you open the package, creating a lovely atmosphere for your senses as a preamble of the Tama Roca Candy.

Then, you can start lacking or sucking the tasty tamarind rounded pulp with placer! You will feel a warm sensation in the back, left by the zesty, salted chili that will come with the sour, sweetness of the tamarind A mouthwatering sense! 

The best part: Tama Roca Palebola tamarindo Mexican lollipop does not come alone! You can enjoy this delicious pack, available at our online store! Be sure; one delicious Candy is not enough! 

You won't regret trying this Candy.

Tama-Roca Palebola Grande Tamarind

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